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Zhabinka district
executive committee

Industrial production of the district is guided for processing of local raw material and agricultural products (basically of sugar beet). On the territory of district function 4 basic industrial enterprises: JSC "Zhabinka sugar-refinery", JSC "Zhabinka feed mill", PRUTE "Gatcha-Osovskoe", branch of Zhabinka district consumer society "Cooperative industry plant"

JSC «Zhabinka sugar-refinery»
Address: Zhabinka, Kalinin Str.,
General director: Gladkij Andrej Leonidovich
Ph.: (+375 1641) 2-71-77.
Reception: (+375 1641) 2-71-37.

Assortment of released by JSC "Zhabinka sugar-refinery" production is - sugar-sand, electric power.

PRUTE "Gatcha-Osovskoe"
Address: settlement Leninskij.
Director - Bortnik Nikolaj Vladimirovich
Ph.: (+375 1641) 3-54-86.

PRUTE " Gatcha-Osovskoe" is found on the territory of Lenin Rural Council. The factory produces fuel briquettes. It is conducted the work on organization of production of peat-sapropelic fertilizers by capacity of 1000 tons in one year. The given work is conducted in view of results of the analysis of sapropel samples which which has been carried out by National Academy of Science of RB . In the development of project take direct part accept a number of German firms: the firm «Deutsches Bergbau-Museum» is engaged in technology of development of sapropel deposits, the firm «Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH» will be engaged in questions of extraction of sapropel, the firm «Bauman GmbH» studies a question of delivery and selling of fertilizers on territory of Federal Republic of Germany.

JSC «Zhabinka feed mill»
Address: Zhabinka, Mir Str., 1.
Director - Wolk Vasilij Konstantinovich
Ph. (+375 1641) 2-50-90.
Reception: (+375 1641) 2-36-76.

The assortment of released production by JSC "Zhabinka feed mill" are mixed fodders for large horned livestock, pigs, bird, fish. There is the mini-mill at the factory, there is a bakery. There is a subsidiary farm on pigs cultivation, in Brest, Zhabinka, Kamenets, Malorita and Pruzhany districts are open the shops. The distribution network on mixed fodders sale is created.

JSC «Zhabinka feed mill» together with the JSC " Lenkhleboproduct" (Russia) study the mechanism of grain purchase for development of mixed fodder at facilities-suppliers of milk within the framework of "Leningrad project" realization.

"Cooperative industry plant" produces bakery and confectionery products, soft drinks, vinegar, ready-made garments.

Construction works in the district carry out 4 building organizations:

  • UE «Zhabinka PMK-10»
    Address: Zhabinka, Korotkin Str., 11.
    Chief: Shpakovskij Nikolaj Antonovich
    Ph.: (+375 1641) 2-13-54.
    Reception: (+375 1641) 2-14-22.

  • PMK-19 RUE" Brestvodstroj"
    Address: Zhabinka, Mir Str., 14.
    Chief: Shevchuk Konstantin Dmitrievich
    Ph.: (+375 1641) 2-11-69.
    Reception: (+375 1641) 2-19-28.

  • Zhabinka DRSU-103
    Address: Zhabinka. Pushkin Str., 10.
    Director: Sviridov Vladimir Mikhajlovich
    Ph.: (+375 1641) 2-50-85.
    Reception: (+375 1641) 2-50-49.
Zhabinka district
executive committee
225101, Zhabinka, Kirova str., 65,
e-mail: zhabinkarik@brest-region.gov.by
Zhabinka district
executive committee
225101, Zhabinka, Kirova str., 65,
e-mail: zhabinkarik@brest-region.gov.by
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